by browned butter

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browned butter
2nd EP

recorded and mastered by Daisuke Koizumi (music studio SIMPO)
artwork designed by Akiko Nakayama

smooth records


released April 13, 2019

Naoko Yutani: vocal, guitar
Tomoyuki Watanabe: vocal, guitar
Yuma Sugizaki: bass
Keita Kishimoto: drums, chorus


all rights reserved



browned butter Kyoto, Japan

from kyoto to everywhere.

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Track Name: POG
Track Name: toothpaste
Sudden sunburst hurt my eyes
Got no place to cure
You sent me an envelope
Not always so pure

The world is getting slowly, now people spending gloomy morning
Was yesterday a good day?

We cannot be like heroes
That won't make bright
Such a waste

When you suck cold candy cane
Everything has changed

It's time to free your power
It's time to free your power
We want you bloom a flower
Track Name: left behind
Sometimes I think about her
The most fashionable girl ever met
She looks good with a red dress
Exactly what they said

Broken discs and cranberry dreams
You know they're fading away
All of those melancholic dreams end its days at last

High, high as the sky
The sight of you makes me blue
Light only knows why we're bound by wi-fi

Bittersweet and drama-like love
All those days are gone
Rain and shine in sparkling wine
All we see is dawn

Most shining moment ever felt
All of our melancholic dreams end its days at last
Please don't go...
Track Name: hoax
No one survived this day
No one was saved from here
Black sweatshirt and disobey
Black sweatshirt and disobey

Follow your sense, baby
References come at last
They gave thumbs and overcast
They gave thumbs and overcast

Sleep Sleep Sleep

Time won't wait us though
Relentless audio
Time won't wait us though
Transient vertigo

Flip my phone and call you back
Wanna taste me after a little walk
Soda mouthwash wished me luck
Soda mouthwash wished me luck

Spray all lies into oceans
My life never be better than this
We're all tangled by hoaxes
We're all tangled by hoaxes

Sleep Sleep Sleep, what a bunch of losers here
Track Name: megatherium
Another story is about to begin
From piles of similar stories in the past
I'm stepping forward with a slight sense of sin
to find temporal havens, havens

Breathe. I'm tired to crawl
Feel. World is so tiny to drink all
Kneel. I feel like I am sitting on a crowd when riding a beast like you

Too much information

My only Skidgrip have been scuffed
I'm still afraid of what others say
Too deep knowledge cuffs my brain but still seeking...

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